Gisele Oppermann is single again and is making serious allegations against her ex

Almost three months ago, Gisele Oppermann (36) spoke highly of her boyfriend, who was nine years her junior. But now the relationship is history again. The former candidate from “Germany’s Next Top Model” explains to “”: “In the beginning everything was so beautiful and harmonious, but then there were more and more conflicts. I underestimated the fact that he might not yet have the maturity to deal with the customs of the TV business.” Interestingly, it was Gisele herself who showed her Wlady old videos from the TV formats in which she had taken part – him didn’t know their performances.

GNTM star Gisele Oppermann is considering taking part in “Bauer sucht Frau”.

But another big point that caused the relationship to collapse was Wlady’s lack of independence. Because according to Gisele, it was said to have been lying on her bag, and there were often arguments in which “things sometimes flew around,” the model told “” and made further allegations against her ex : “He lived with me for months but didn’t pay a cent for rent, water, electricity or gas.” So she simply left his things outside the door and ended the relationship.

Despite the failed relationship with Wlady and her bad experience with a “love villain,” Gisele doesn’t give up and firmly believes in her perfect cover: “Now I’m thinking about joining a few singles formats like ‘Love Island’ or ‘Bauer sucht Ms ‘ to apply. Maybe that’s where I’ll finally find my Mr. Right?”

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