Gladiator 2 Director Slammed For Treating Horses

PETA’s animal rights activists are concerned about the treatment of animals on the set of Gladiator 2 in Malta. Director Ridley Scott received a letter from the organization, which is available to the TMZ portal. Actors like Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal are said to have also received a letter. It wasn’t the first letter from PETA the Gladiator 2 creators received.

According to the letter, PETA and the group Animal Liberation Malta have received several anonymous tips about the questionable handling of animals. A whistleblower recently revealed that a horse is said to have collapsed. The enormous heat on the set was the reason why the animal is said to have worn a costume.

The animal rights activists remind that in the past horses have been injured or even died on film sets time and again. “They are naturally shy, flight and injury prone and sensitive to the stresses of a film set,” the letter reads.

PETA warns against working with macaques

In addition to treating horses, PETA’s use of macaques is a thorn in its side. The monkeys are unpredictable and can bite people. There is a risk of transmission of the herpes B virus, which can be fatal to humans.

“We urge you to immediately cancel any plans to use real animals in the film,” the letter reads.

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