Green light in Polish parliament for panel against “Russian interference”

With the majority of the national-conservative government, nine members were elected to the commission of inquiry. All opposition parties boycotted the vote. It was not mentioned when the committee would start its work.

Opponents of the law say it targets the opposition. It provides for the commission to determine whether an accused is “under Russian influence” and therefore cannot be guaranteed that he is working “in the public interest”. It should be possible to appeal against the decision of the commission before an appeals court.

The proposed law has been criticized at home and abroad. Opponents saw, among other things, the attempt to politically neutralize opposition leader Donald Tusk before the parliamentary elections in autumn. The EU initiated legal action against Poland. The US had expressed concern that the law could be used to interfere with October’s general election. After fierce opposition, Warsaw changed the law again. In early August, Polish President Andrzej Duda put the law into effect.

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