Hamann’s controversial Bayern suspicion: “The team has a problem with the coach”

After just one game, the result crisis at FC Bayern is real. Against cup winner RB Leipzig, the record champions suffered a bitter defeat in the Supercup. That makes Tuchel’s already meager record as a Bayern coach even worse. With six wins, two draws and five defeats, the current coach is the second-worst of all time – only Sören Lerby was even worse in terms of point average.

Hamann’s controversial Bayern suspicion: “The team has a problem with the coach”

Didi Hamann calls these numbers “disastrous”. At “Bild TV” the expert tries to explain and has two possible explanations. “There can be two reasons why things aren’t going well: The team is divided. Or: the team has a problem with the coach.” The fact that Tuchel pilloried his team after the bankruptcy against Leipzig “certainly didn’t go over well,” believes Hamann.

“We’re on the wrong frequency once we’ve got something to lose. It’s not the same group anymore,” explained the Bayern coach after the Supercup. “Form, condition and mood” would have been right after the preparation, “but this huge discrepancy is inexplicable to me”. He was “consternated”, the disappointment huge. And: “I have no solution. We played as if we hadn’t practiced for four weeks. That is shocking.”

Matthäus warns Tuchel in front of the cabin: “It can quickly become dangerous for him”

Lothar Matthäus also believes that this performance was not well received by the Bayern kickers. “I am sure that this will cause incomprehension and shaking of heads among the professionals,” he writes in his column on Sky. If Tuchel isn’t careful, “he won’t get the dressing room over with as it should be. That can quickly become dangerous for him.”

While his relationship with the team is suffering, Tuchel is said to have the club bosses behind him. The trainer is in close contact with Kahn’s successor Jan-Christian Dreesen and the supervisory board grandees Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß. Harry Kane was hired as a joint task force. The hopes of Bayern weigh on him. If the striker doesn’t improve either, the wind could change quickly for Tuchel.

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