Hamas terrorists send hate text messages via Shani’s partner’s cell phone

The German Shani Louk (22) and her partner Orión Hernández Radoux (30) have been missing since the Hamas attack on the Israeli music festival “Supernova”. Now the terrorists have apparently sent hate messages from Shani’s partner’s cell phone.

Hamas terrorists send messages: “Spit on you”

“Palestine will be liberated and Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine. Spit on you,” reads one of the messages in Arabic carried by the British newspaper “ Sun “ present. Another text message says that the “curse of God (be) upon you” and that Palestine will be “liberated from Zionists.”

What happened to Shani and Orión remains unclear. Videos circulated on social media showing the young woman motionless in the back of a pickup truck. Her mother identified Shani through a tattoo and has been looking for her daughter ever since.

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