Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso defends himself after being arrested

“Hannah Montana” star Mitchel Musso was arrested a few days ago Now he breaks his silence: It was a misunderstanding.

Mitchel Musso (32) has finally spoken out. The actor and musician was arrested in Rockwell, Texas over the weekend for theft and intoxication. The Hannah Montana star has a different take on things. The 32-year-old denies both allegations. He wasn’t drunk. He also vehemently denies the theft. Mitchel Musso told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s unfortunate, it’s a misunderstanding.”

That’s what happened from Mitchel Musso’s point of view

Musso was arrested Saturday night on charges of public intoxication and stealing an item under $100, according to the Rockwall County Jail. Police officers had previously been called to a hotel. There, a person who appeared “drunk” entered the building, selected a bag of chips and began to eat them without paying, according to US media reports in a police statement.

Musso, on the other hand, denies ever opening the chip bag. The actor claims that a hotel worker who appeared “extremely annoyed” refused to serve him because he was only wearing swim shorts. “I didn’t know it was illegal not to wear shirts these days,” Musso said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

He further explained that he had just come off a boat at the harbor to stock up on snacks. The hotel employee took the chips out of his hand. The TV star was then instructed to “disappear”. The hotel employee also threatened to call the police. “And I said: do it,” says Musso.

Mitchel Musso: “The truth will come out”

When more and more police officers later arrived at the hotel, he got scared, the actor also explains. Police later determined that Musso had not paid the speeding ticket. He spent one night in prison. He was released on Sunday afternoon on $1,000 bail.

Musso has now said the two unpaid tickets from 2019 were “ultimately the reason they arrested me”. But he has an explanation for that, too: The tickets were probably sent to an old address. He paid everything and settled the matter, he added, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The truth will come out,” Musso said. “I have never stolen anything in my life, nor have I stolen chips, nor have I been drunk or drank, and I have not behaved inappropriately towards anyone at this hotel.”

Musso starred alongside Miley Cyrus (30), Emily Osment (31) and Jason Earles (46) in Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011. At the moment he is said to be working on a film again and recording a new music album.

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