Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s dress confuses social media users

“Is that floating or hanging from your ears?”: Dress by “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson confused social media users.

Hermione actress Emma Watson shared a photo on Instagram. If you take a look at the comment column, it’s all about one thing: the actress’ unusual dress. While some are guessing a Photoshop glitch, others joke it’s magic.

Emma Watson (33) became known as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films. Since then, the young actress has evolved into an environmental activist, UN Goodwill Envoy for Women and Girls’ Rights, and style icon. With clean looks, which are mostly sustainable, she not only enchants on the red carpets, but also at fashion shoots and on her Instagram account. But her latest look has raised eyebrows among her fans – the dress the 33-year-old is wearing appears to be floating.

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson wears a dress that seems to float

On Instagram she shared several photos showing her with her younger brother Alex Watson (30) – the two are promoting their own premium gin “Renais”, which is said to be particularly sustainable. In one of the pictures, the 30-year-old wears a light blue shirt and she wears a matching dress. And that’s what’s confusing her fans, as it seems to be floating over the Little Women star’s body.

In the comments, many wonder what’s going on with the dress. “Is that floating or hanging from your ears?” someone wonders. Some suspect failed attempts at Photoshop, others directly link the Hermione actress to magic and claim it is magic. “The dress just said ‘Wingardium Leviosa,'” someone quips — the magic that makes things fly. Another says, “How easy no one understands the dress… apparently we’re all muggles” – also alluding to “Harry Potter”. That’s what non-magicians are called in this world.

A fan knows the solution to the riddle

But some attentive followers of Emma Watson see that the dress from the Spanish luxury brand Loewe is not about magic, but about a particularly clever design: “The dress has sticks in it that make it stick out like that. When you zoom in, you can see that it was designed that way,” explains one fan. And she’s right, if you look closely, you can see the construct under the dress that makes it “levitate”. This time, Emma Watson could safely leave her wand at home – and trust in the magic of sophisticated designers.

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