Has Kremlin boss disappeared? Kiev’s top spy hints at Putin

Has Vladimir Putin disappeared? According to Dagens.se, Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian secret service, raises significant questions about the current status of the Russian president in an interview with Radio Svoboda. He speculates: “Either he is no longer alive or his health is extremely critical.” Budanov uses a recent photograph of Putin looking at his left wrist with apparent irritation – a departure from his habit of closing his watch on his right wrist carry.

Dagens.se quotes Budanov as suggesting that Putin may have been replaced by a double. Such assumptions are not new. Budanov had previously stated that replacing Putin with doubles was a common practice. In the past, he even identified three such individuals, whom he considered “usual” doubles.

Selenskyj’s doubts: who is the real Putin?

Interestingly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also publicly questioned the existence of the Russian head of state. According to Dagens.se, Zelenskyi expressed uncertainty to Ukraine’s Pravda about who he actually communicates with when speaking to the Russian president.

These troubling comments and speculations are causing international uncertainty, raising questions about who is actually in charge of Russia and whether Putin is even still alive.

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