He had a deal with Ukraine: Russian pilot escapes in Mi-8 helicopter

Maksim Kuzminov, a 28-year-old Russian pilot, flew to Ukraine after a successful mission in a Mi-8 helicopter, according to the documentary Zbyti Lyotchyky Rossii (Russian Pilots Shot Down). He sought contact with the Ukrainian secret service and was provided with security guarantees, new documents and a financial reward. During the risky crossing of the border at a very low altitude and in radio silence mode, nobody noticed his disappearance. The Russian authorities only determined his whereabouts a few days later. During the operation, the documentary, which is quoted by Ukrainska Pravda, reports that Kuzminov suffered injuries but received medical treatment in a timely manner.

In his statement in the documentary, Kuzminov denies the existence of Nazis or fascists in Ukraine. He sees in the current events a genocide against both the Ukrainian and the Russian people and does not want to contribute to these crimes. According to Kuzminov, Ukraine will surely win the war and he emphasized the unity of the Ukrainian people against the war.

Pilot calls on others to follow his example

In the end, Kuzminov called on other Russian pilots to follow his example and fly to Ukraine. He emphasizes, as Ukrainska Pravda further quotes from the documentary, that those who dared to take such a step would not be disappointed and would have an opportunity to see the real life and true colors of the world. His appeal: Many Russians are not aware of how other people live, and this knowledge could change their opinion seriously.

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