He is increasingly ignoring his generals: emotions determine Ukraine tactics

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is said to have shown “anger and emotion” and ignored his military leadership over Ukraine strategy, according to the RAND Corporation, a global policy think tank. According to the report of the “Daily Express“, important decisions largely alone, without the significant influence of the Russian General Staff.

Western experts emphasized that mistakes had been made within the Russian military hierarchy. There are fears that negative developments from Ukraine will not be passed on through the chain of command. The Daily Express further reports that Putin has restricted the flow of information to him and eliminated voices that could potentially give him contradictory advice.

Internal power struggles are weakening Putin’s military

Moscow’s military is burdened by internal power struggles, such as the failed Wagner coup and the deposition of General Sergei Surovikin. The think tank emphasized in the Daily Express that crises also influenced Putin personally, which could lead to emotional decision-making.

Russia’s deployment in Ukraine, originally planned as a short operation, has turned into a protracted conflict in which tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have already lost their lives. Despite heavy losses on both sides, Ukraine is showing signs of momentum. It has recently made significant progress in regions such as Zaporizhia and Donetsk.

It remains uncertain what information Putin receives about the actual situation in Ukraine. But, as the Daily Express report suggests, this information may be incomplete.

Jean Harris

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