“He will die”: Selenskyj warns – he will not survive the war

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy made strong statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent interview with the Brazilian TV channel GloboNews. Zelenskyy claimed that Putin could not survive a long war against Ukraine and would be dead within ten years.

Zelenskyy was asked if Ukraine could repeat the fate of Syria, where Russia has been fighting alongside the government since 2015. He replied that Putin would not live for many more years and would not be able to endure a war at the pace he was fighting against Ukraine. “He’s going to die – that’s perfectly clear,” said the President of Ukraine, reports the Kyiv Post.

Furthermore, Zelenskyy stated that the entire Russian army was deployed against Ukraine, but stressed that the backbone of the Russian troops was already weakened. According to Zelenskyy, the Kremlin wants a pause in the conflict to accumulate resources and lift sanctions, but Ukraine will not allow such a situation.

Russia without Putin would turn inward

In addition, the President pointed to the risks of an authoritarian regime’s over-reliance on a single person and expressed his belief that without Putin, Russia’s focus could shift from foreign to domestic affairs.

Zelenskyy’s comments follow an earlier statement in December, in which he noted that the war in Ukraine would end with Putin’s death, the Kyiv Post reported. The Kyiv Post points out that these comments further reflect the tense situation between the two countries and offer a glimpse of Zelenskyy’s perspective on the future of the conflict.

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