Helene Fischer collects 80,000 euros for taboo pictures

Paparazzi fight every day to get the perfect photo of superstar Helene Fischer. She likes to show off on stage. In her private life, however, the singer doesn’t like being photographed at all – especially not with her baby. If so, it comes at a price.

Pop singer Helene Fischer (39) is now an absolute world star. According to estimates, her “Rausch” tour brought in around 70 million euros. The 39-year-old is undoubtedly one of the most successful pop artists in Germany. Given her success and breathtaking shows, it’s no surprise that she has become one of photographers’ favorite subjects.

Helene Fischer has to pay 80,000 euros to the newspaper

Helene Fischer always looks great at her concerts. Even in her private life, outside of the big concert halls, the native Russian always looks perfectly dressed. Nevertheless, there are situations in which she doesn’t like being photographed at all. For example, when she is traveling with her child.

Photos of Helene and her baby have now become fatal for a major daily newspaper. Last year the newspaper published paparazzi shots of the singer and her newborn. The “Breathless” interpreter didn’t let that sit for long. As “uebermedien.de” reports, after a lawsuit it is now clear that the newspaper has to pay 60,000 euros in compensation to the singer because she had previously expressly spoken out against such private pictures. An associated subsidiary of the newspaper has to pay a further 20,000 euros for the unauthorized use. The basis for the decision was the violation of personal rights.

Helene Fischer hardly shares any private information with the public

While she likes to appear in front of many people in a professional context, Helene Fischer is particularly concerned about protecting her private life. Little is known about her relationship with Thomas Seitel and the birth of her child, who is said to be named “Nala”. The singer is careful to keep her relationship and her child strictly out of the public eye. No wonder the unauthorized photos upset them.

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