Helene Fischer gets her own Netflix documentary

Helene Fischer follows in the footsteps of international music stars like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift: Netflix is ​​shooting a documentary about the German singer.

Helene Fischer’s live tour starts on August 25th. Until then, the singer, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, is enjoying her summer break. There is now another piece of good news for their fans: According to “Bild”, it works Netflix to a documentary film about Helene Fischer.

The Netflix documentary also includes an interview with Helene Fischer

Netflix has numerous documentaries about music stars, including The Beatles, Lady Gaga (37), Eric Clapton (78), Taylor Swift (33), Jennifer Lopez (54), Britney Spears (41), Bruce Springsteen (73) and Pink (43). There have been rumors for a long time that there could soon be a documentary about Helene Fischer – and these now seem to have been confirmed. The “Breathless” singer would be the first German about which the streaming– Giant is shooting a documentary.

According to “Bild”, the shooting has already started. For example, some concerts are said to have already been filmed, and the camera team is said to have conducted interviews with Fischer’s manager, Uwe Kanthak, with people from their environment and with fans. An interview with the singer herself should not be missing either.

The documentary is expected to be 90 minutes long and will be available on Netflix in spring 2024. So far, there has been no official confirmation from Netflix or Helene Fischer that the documentary is in the works.

Helene Fischer in “Tatort” and “Das Traumschiff”.

As viewers know, Helene Fischer has appeared in many TV shows during her long career. What only hardcore fans know, however, is that she was also in two of the most successful German series. In 2013 she slipped into the role of Franziska Stein for the episode “Puerto Rico” of “Das Traumschiff”. And in the “Tatort” episode “The Great Pain” she played the role “Leyla” in 2016.

In addition, there are already four documentaries about the singer that were produced by German TV stations: “Helene Fischer – Alone in the Light” (2013), “Helene Fischer Always Next – The Creation of the Arena Tour 2017/2018” (2018) , “Helene Fischer – Intoxicated by the senses” (2021) and “Helene Fischer – 15 years intoxicated by success” (2021).

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