His wife is the Trump opponent’s best weapon – and his greatest risk

She wants to “move mountains to help him,” says wife Casey of her husband Ron DeSantis’ presidential candidacy. Florida’s First Lady is like no other, judge the US media: For some, the Republican governor’s wife is “scheming like Lady Macbeth” – others describe Casey DeSantis (42) as a “political superweapon”.

One thing is clear: At the moment, her husband, a hardliner, is the only serious opponent of ex-President Donald Trump among the Republicans. Both are aiming for the Conservative candidacy and then want to challenge President Joe Biden of the Democrats in 2024.

Politically and privately, the contrast to Trump’s wife Melania Trump could hardly be greater: Casey loves to appear on stage. It is said that she is informed about every e-mail to her husband. And even their fiercest opponents certify the DeSantis a happy marriage. According to family friends, they still seem in love after 14 years of marriage: Ron (44) raves about Casey’s appearance – and she about his support during her breast cancer two years ago. He is also exemplary as the father of her three children, she says. Every evening he romps around with the little ones.

Ron won’t do anything without Casey’s blessing, insiders tell US media. He trusts his wife’s advice like few other politicians – much to the frustration of his employees. Because after consultations with Casey, DeSantis often discards decisions. They have shaped him politically, say confidants. Her role in Ron’s career cannot be overstated: “Every step of Ron’s ascent has involved her as much as he has,” former Congressman David Jolly told Politico.

Casey is considered charismatic and charming

The former TV presenter is photogenic. Unlike her often awkward, stiff-looking husband, Casey enjoys being in front of the camera and has also taught him how to put on make-up before performances, it is said. While Ron struggles with small talk, Casey is considered charismatic and charming. “It makes the robot look more human, encourages it to approach people, hold babies to soften its image,” an employee told the news magazine.

US media speculate: Is Casey the mastermind behind DeSantis’ political career? Was the White House her idea? Did she always know how far he would go?

Casey rolls her eyes at such questions, reports the New York Post. She simply fell in love with the uniformed naval officer, she tells the daily newspaper. Ron studied history at Yale University, then law at Harvard, and served as an officer in the US Navy. Casey studied business administration and French.

“I never could have imagined how far he would come”

“I knew he was intelligent, came from a good family and was a good person,” she says. “But I never could have imagined how far he would come.” The audience would have encouraged him to go into politics at readings for his first book (in 2011 DeSantis wrote a critical work about Barack Obama). “I saw his intellect, his discipline. Everyone said he had to go into politics and I agreed with them. His talent is a gift from God. He’s the real deal. He fights for the right things”.

She also fights tirelessly. Ahead of his re-election as Florida’s governor in 2022, Casey launched the “Mamas for DeSantis” — a campaign to win Florida’s women’s votes. She not only highlighted her three children Mamie (3), Mason (5) and Madison (7). She also highlighted how she beat breast cancer in 2021 with Ron’s help.

“The Power Behind the Throne”

She often hates online, she revealed to the “Post” – also mockery of her always perfectly styled, long hair. “But that leaves me cold. I’m lucky to have hair at all.” Cancer changed her perspective: “No one has a guarantee for tomorrow. I thank God I’m still here.” She used to assume everything would be okay. Today that is no longer a matter of course for her.

“Have you noticed how much DeSantis’ wife resembles Lady Macbeth?” Trump loyalist and DeSantis opponent Roger Stone asked on social media, referring to the Shakespearean heroine who goaded her husband to murder in order to get her own way to get the throne. Other Republicans also call Casey “the power behind the throne.”

“Casey is Ron’s greatest strength and also his greatest risk factor,” DeSantis supporter Dan Eberhart warned Politico. “He needs to surround himself with more professionals, not just her.” Other insiders call Casey “the tip of the spear,” “eaten by ambition,” and claim she trusts no one, is “more paranoid, and twice as vindictive as her husband.” “Don’t fool yourself,” the media portal quotes a party adviser as saying: “The reason why there are so many personnel changes at the DeSantis is clear: whoever messes with Casey is gone. She has the sharpest knives.”

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