Hummels flirt Lisa Straube is planning a new start in Dubai

Lisa Straube and her partner Furkan Akkaya are leaving Germany and want to get started in Dubai.

An exciting chapter lies ahead for the young couple, Lisa Straube (23) and her boyfriend Furkan Akkaya (22). Although they have only been living in the same apartment for six months, they have decided to move to Dubai with their loyal companions, the dogs Polo and Ares. This bold step is a combination of professional ambitions and the desire for a new lifestyle.

Lisa Straube and Akka: new career start and desire for a fulfilling life in Dubai

In an interview with “PictureLisa Straube said that Dubai was a fascinating place with many opportunities for her and Akka. The couple is planning a new career start in Dubai and a future together: “Unfortunately, in Germany you often have the feeling that you are not being granted anything and that people only live to work. In Dubai, people are happy about each other’s success, people support each other and like to work together,” says Mats Hummels’ ex-flirting (34).

Lisa Straube and Akka: Dream house in Dubai already found

They have already found their new home and rented a house for a year with the option to buy it later. The property extends over 1400 square meters. The house is fully furnished and has high-quality equipment, so you can move in straight away and start your new life. The first plans for their new beginning are already in place. The two want to learn the local language: “I think it is appropriate to have a certain basic knowledge of Arabic, the language fascinates us and we will try to learn it little by little,” says the 23-year-old.

The adventure begins on October 4th

Although moving to Dubai involves significant costs – the couple estimates their moving costs to be in the high five figures – they see it as an investment in their future together and a valuable life experience. They are aware that they will discover a new world in Dubai and they are ready to take on this challenge. Their adventure in Dubai begins on October 4th and they are excited about the new opportunities and experiences that await them in their second home.

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