Hungary’s Prime Minister: Don’t take part in the distribution of refugees

“Unfortunately, we Europeans are not able to regulate that,” said the conservative politician in an interview with “Bild”, “Welt” and “Politico”. The reason is different political ideas: Germany has a positive attitude towards migration, while Hungary considers it too risky. His country makes a clear distinction between guest workers and migrants, Germany doesn’t do that, said Orban. Hungary does not want to have “communities that do not respect our most important European values”. This included equality, no homophobia and no anti-Semitism.

Orban again rejected the asylum compromise negotiated by the EU interior ministers in early June. When the EU says it will redistribute migrants across the EU in the future, it sends a message to the smugglers that they can continue to do business. The Prime Minister confirmed that his country would not participate in the distribution of refugees in the EU and would not make any compensation payments. His country is already spending more than two billion euros to protect the Schengen area from illegal immigrants – the country has not received “a single cent from Brussels” for this.

EU asylum compromise

The EU asylum compromise envisages numerous tightening measures to limit irregular migration – especially from countries that are considered relatively safe. Asylum applications from migrants who come from countries of origin with a recognition rate of less than 20 percent are to be examined within twelve weeks at the EU’s external borders. During this time, they want to oblige those seeking protection to stay in strictly controlled reception facilities. Those who have no chance of asylum should be sent back immediately. It is conceivable that the EU Parliament will push through changes.

According to Orban, catastrophes such as the sinking of a ship carrying hundreds of refugees off Greece can only be prevented by making it clear to all refugees: “You cannot enter the territory of the European Union without a decision on your application being made.”

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