“I don’t care what you get” – Trump rumbles at union rally

As Republicans struggle to reach single-digit percentages in poll debates, Donald Trump held an event at the Drake Enterprises truck parts plant near Detroit. Loud “New York MagazineTrump claimed he was there to support striking members of the United Auto Workers, even though he was speaking at a non-union plant at the request of management. Trump spoke mostly about Joe Biden and the UAW leadership, while barely mentioning his own party colleagues in the primaries.

Trump criticizes Biden’s electric car plans and rejects partnership

A striking point in his speech was when Trump told the striking UAW workers, “I don’t care what you get.” He tried to portray himself as a pro-working class advocate by rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Still, he did not appear to fully support the picket line, indicating that the Biden administration’s support for electric vehicles would potentially threaten industrial jobs.

In another moment, he pushed for support from UAW President Shawn Fain for the 2024 elections. He expressed displeasure that the union has traditionally supported Democrats. This was particularly evident when Fain criticized Trump before the rally, pointing to his previous accusations against UAW members during the 2008 recession.

Trump talks about clean energy

Trump, according to New York Magazine, also spoke at length about clean energy, claiming that electric vehicles and wind turbines are not efficient. He also sharply criticized Joe Biden, accusing him of various things, including allegedly not knowing the location and purpose of his visit to the UAW pickets in Michigan.

The former president also commented on the legal challenges he faces, claiming he is constantly being sued. Trump concluded by emphasizing how the economy suffered during his time in office, while inventing a new word that may have been a reference to transgender rights.

According to New York Magazine, these were the most notable moments of his speech. It remains to be seen how these comments will affect his chances in the coming elections.

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