If the Middle East tilts, there is a threat of Chinese war of aggression against Taiwan

In response to Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, Beijing and Moscow issued tight-lipped reactions that, devoid of any empathy, urged both sides to show restraint.

The two dictators Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are thus continuing their common agenda: They vehemently avoid naming the perpetrators, Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization in many countries around the world. In doing so, they are shirking the responsibility that a member of the UN Security Council actually has: to support the attacked side.

Historically, the Soviet Union and Maoist China have supported the Palestinians: Russia suspended diplomatic relations after the Six-Day War in 1967 and did not resume them until 2001. The People’s Republic only established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992.

Xi and Putin support Iran and pursue a common agenda

In the first decade of this century, both countries improved their relations with Israel. But now they are changing course: Both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin support the divine terrorist state of Iran, which in turn finances Hamas. The declared dream of both is the annihilation of the State of Israel and the murder of all Jews worldwide.

Like Iran, Xi and Putin also see the United States as their declared archenemy. For the fundamentalist mullahs, the reason for this hatred may be that, from their perspective, America is a Christian country. Putin and Xi want to expand their dictatorships and force more nations under their yoke, even by force.

However, many of the countries on the dictators’ menu are allies of America and the free world. From Xi and Putin’s perspective, the democracies of the free world must be militarily engaged in as many places as possible so that there is no longer enough attention and resources to stop their henchmen.

Xi wants to start his war against Taiwan

Putin has already started his war against Ukraine. The Kremlin dictator hopes that next year’s US presidential election will bring a Republican to the White House who will withdraw support from Kiev.

Xi Jinping wants to start his war against the democratic island nation of Taiwan, which lies about a hundred miles off the Chinese coast. In Xi’s nationalist ideology, ethnic Han Chinese are destined by heaven to live “socialism with Chinese characteristics” under the leadership of the Communist Party.

Democracy and human rights, on the other hand, are Western inventions that cannot apply to the Han Chinese. Prosperous democratic Taiwan, which is popular worldwide in contrast to Xi’s dark empire, is a thorn in the side of those in power in Beijing.

In addition to Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have also strengthened their alliance with the US to guard against Xi’s war threats.

In principle, he could implement it at any time against any of the People’s Republic’s neighbors. Without the support of Taipei from its democratic friend the USA, the approximately 24 million inhabitants of Taiwan would have no chance against the brutal Chinese superiority.

In Beijing’s interest, the conflict with Hamas escalates into full-scale war

The free world must now closely monitor China’s next moves. It is in the interests of Beijing and Tehran that the conflict with Hamas escalates as quickly as possible into a full-scale war that ties Washington in the Middle East.

Anyone hoping that Xi will use his influence over Tehran in a positive way should be reminded that he has not lifted a finger to help the people of Ukraine, which was invaded by Putin. In this case too, one will hope in vain for Xi to show humanity.

The moment the US intervenes in a war in the Middle East to support Israel, Xi could launch a war against Taiwan. The national holiday was celebrated there on October 10th, the founding of the Republic of China in 1912.

On this occasion, the country’s democratically elected President Tsai Ing-wen repeated her warning to Beijing to only seek rapprochement between the two states through peaceful means. Xi will give little heed to these words. If the Middle East tilts, the likelihood of a Chinese war of aggression against Taiwan increases.

Jean Harris

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