“I’m too young to go,” says the 12-year-old – then the connection breaks down

According to media reports, the terrorist group Hamas has killed over 900 people in brutal attacks in Israel since early Saturday morning. The Israeli ambassador said on Monday that Hamas militants had kidnapped up to 150 hostages from various communities in the Gaza Strip.

Many families of the victims and abductees turn to the media for help. To the British news channel “ CNN An Israeli mother says her 12 and 16 year old children were home alone at the time of the attack. They heard shots and someone tried to break into the house. On the phone, the mother heard someone kicking in the door.

“I’m too young to leave”

“I heard the terrorists speaking to my children in Arabic. The youngest said to them, “I’m too young to go,” said the mother. “Then the connection was lost. That was the last time I heard from them.”

According to CNN, the prisoners include civilians, children and grandmothers. The fact that the Hamas attackers are holding Israelis captive in various locations across the Gaza Strip makes it difficult to respond to the deadly attack.

22 year old Shani kidnapped from festival

The Hamas attackers were particularly brutal at the Nova music festival in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip. Numerous visitors were chased by the terrorists in vehicles through the Negev Desert on Saturday morning and then killed or kidnapped. The attacks could be seen on numerous videos on social networks.

FOCUS online spoke to the mother of the kidnapped Shani Louk on Monday. The 22-year-old is a German-Israeli citizen and attended the festival on Saturday. In an emotional interview, her mother reports on her last conversation with Shani:

“The rocket shots started here early at six in the morning. We also had an alarm in our town, so I immediately called my daughter and asked: Where are you? Are you near a shelter?”

“They treat her like a piece of meat”

Shani was a little panicked, the mother reported. She wanted to make her way to a shelter in the nearest town. Later that day, Shani’s family was sent a video of their daughter lying unconscious on a truck. The parents recognized Shani by her tattoos.

“They treated Shani like a piece of meat. We’re all exhausted.” The photos show that her daughter is already in the Gaza Strip. So far there is no sign of her life.

Noa Argamani and her boyfriend Avinatan Or are also said to have been kidnapped to the Gaza Strip in this attack. Shortly after the attack, a video emerged of terrorists lifting the young woman onto a motorcycle and driving away, while Or was arrested and forced to continue running with the terrorists with her hands behind her back.

One of Noa Argamani’s roommates told CNN: “It’s very difficult when you see someone who is so close to you and who you know so well being treated like that.” He knows five or six people who are on the festival and of which there has been no trace since then.

Parents shot – their babies were alone in the house for 14 hours

In southern Israel, Hamas fighters are said to have shot the parents of ten-month-old twins who were only found in hiding 14 hours later. This was reported by the Israeli ambassador to Colombia, Hali Degan, on Platform X. The parents who were killed are said to be Itay and Hadar Berdichevsky.

The Chilean Foreign Ministry confirmed that Itay Berdichevsky died in attacks by the Palestinian group Hamas on Saturday. On its X account, the ministry wrote: “As the Chilean government, we regret the murder of Itay Berdichevsky, an Israeli with a Chilean grandfather, in the violent terrorist attacks in Israel.”

According to the ambassador to Colombia, Itay and Hadar had enough time to hide their ten-month-old twins before the attack by Hamas terrorists. The babies were alone in the house for over 14 hours until they were finally found and rescued. A German source also confirms the story to FOCUS online.

Soldier says goodbye to her family on the phone

Israeli soldiers are said to be among those kidnapped. The sister of 19-year-old soldier Karina Ariev told CNN that her sister called her to say goodbye shortly before she was kidnapped: “She called me first and then my parents. She called mostly to say goodbye to say goodbye and tell us she loves us.”

The soldier was stationed at the Nahal Oz base on the border with the Gaza Strip. Family members report identifying Karina’s bloodied face in a Telegram video and believe she is being held hostage there. “I’m devastated inside and my parents are crying all day long,” her sister told CNN.

1,500 Hamas fighters dead

Although the hostage situation is hampering the Israeli military, the country is already fighting back. According to an Israeli military spokesman, the bodies of around 1,500 Hamas fighters are said to be on Israeli soil and hundreds of terrorists have already been arrested.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, told CNN on Monday: “Of course we want to see all our boys, girls, grandmothers, everyone who was kidnapped, back home, but right now our focus is ours national strategy to destroy Hamas’s terrorist capabilities.”

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