In the new Netflix documentary about NFL stars, one scene is particularly exciting

The new NFL documentary on Netflix shows a dispute between Patrick Mahomes and the coaches of the Kansas City Chiefs. The star quarterback does not want to be substituted after an ankle injury and shows ambition. The fans are excited.

A few days ago, Netflix released the new sports documentary Quarterback, which quickly became a hit. The series offers fascinating behind-the-scenes insights and tells stories about NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins ​​and Marcus Mariota.

One of the most memorable moments was captured in last year’s playoff game between the Jaguars and the Chiefs. Mahomes injured his ankle in the first half and had to go to the dressing room for an X-ray.

Netlix “Quarterback” documentary: fans of Patrick Mahomes excited

It was obvious Mahomes didn’t want to have his ankle checked. Using a series of expletives that need not be mentioned here, Mahomes let his coach Andy Reid and offense coordinator Eric Bieniemy know he wanted to stay in the game.

The moment clearly shows the will and heart of this young quarterback. Mahomes didn’t let the injury get him down – and ultimately even led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl victory.

Although the video is tagged with some inappropriate language, it illustrates Mahomes’ fighting spirit and determination. It’s impressive to see how, despite the pain and challenges, the passer kept his focus on the game and led his team to success.

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