Infamous award: Ukraine accuses alcohol giants of war sponsorship

The renowned company Bacardi Limited is at the center of an international scandal. Despite ongoing conflict and pledges to halt business in Russia, a report reveals how Bacardi indirectly supports Russia’s aggression and differentiates itself from other brands.

The world’s largest private alcohol company, Bacardi Limited, has been targeted by Ukraine’s National Corruption Prevention Agency (NACP). According to a report by The Kyiv Independent, the NACP addedBacardi Limited to its list of “international war sponsors” on August 10. This is based on Bacardi’s continued business activities in Russia despite the ongoing conflict.

Although Bacardi Limited initially announced that it would stop exporting to and investing in the Russian market, The Kyiv Independent has pointed out that these commitments were later removed from the company’s statement. The Kyiv Independent report also notes that Bacardi has shipped millions of dollars worth of products to Russia and is recruiting new staff. The NACP emphasizes that these business activities pay significant taxes to the Russian budget. Thus, Bacardi Limited supports not only the Russian economy, but also indirectly Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Competitors in Russia reduced

Another important aspect highlighted by The Kyiv Independent is the withdrawal of many international alcohol brands from Russia after February 24, 2022. This has reduced competition and opened up potentially greater market opportunities for Bacardi Limited, which remains active in Russia. Bacardi’s behavior thus represents a stark contrast to other international companies and will certainly continue to raise debates in the political and economic landscape.

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