Iris Klein wants to “drop a bomb” on “Celebrity Big Brother”

There are supposed to be people who have been waiting for this Monday as eagerly as others for Black Friday: finally “Celebrity Big Brother” again! Once in the 11th season, the container is now being used to make so much hot air about the show, as if it were used to operate a wind farm. People socialized under public law, on the other hand, are amazed: Who are the people who sit on the sofa like a herd of Teletubbys in colorful jogging suits and little Smurf hats? And why did Sat.1 hire her?

We quickly got to know each other: “The Bachelor” Dominik Stuckmann, reality star Yeliz Koc and influencer Paulina Ljubas are there for the looks, actress Manuela Wisbeck (“Notruf Hafenkante”) for the mix of big heart and big mouth. And YouTuber Ron Bielecki is not one for great intellectual achievements. Self-made celebrity Matthias Mangiapane – “a bottle of dynamite” according to his own statement – ​​is advertising for plastic surgery in a similar way to Patricia Blanco, but player’s wife Dilara Kruse will soon have a good time as soon as the splint can be removed. And magician Philo? Gives the Bibi Blocksberg of the container.

Celebrity Big Brother: An old acquaintance as the new feared opponent

Jürgen Milski, second winner of the very first “Big Brother” round, is the feared opponent of this season and is promoted to container boss by everyone in a kind of therapeutic measure. But Sat.1 can not only do retro, but also innovation: for the first time this year there is a wildcard winner. Marco Stecker is a full-time content creator and wasn’t even born when Milski wrote “Big Brother” history. At 21 years old, he is the container chick.

The biggest question from all candidates on the first evening is: Is the container complex with an outdoor toilet the underground or the luxury area? By the time container boss Milski pulls the first ration of food out of the lock for the next two days, the question has answered itself: a sack of oats for everyone. Life in the “PromiBB” hostel is apparently a pony farm after all.

Iris Klein promises to drop a bombshell

The heroes of reality and the petties between them are only the background and prelude to the big showdown of the first evening: the reunion of Peter and Iris Klein, the parents of Daniela Katzenberger and currently Germany’s most famous separated couple after Oliver and Amira Pocher. The Kleins are the reason why the “PBB” editorial team probably can’t keep the laughter off their faces at the moment: What’s better than guaranteed Klein wood in front of the camera?

Peter Klein spent the last few days before the start of “PBB” shielded from all kinds of media, only so that Sat.1 could film the derailment of his facial expressions as soon as his wife Iris Klein moved into the container. And while she’s on an adrenaline high, she promises: “I’ll definitely drop a bomb in there.” Anyone wondering why the two want to wash their dirty laundry in front of the public has probably never had to pay a divorce lawyer.

Peter Klein: “Cheating is not possible!”

Peter Klein also uses the solo time in front of the camera to clean up his good reputation and asserts that there was never anything wrong with actress Yvonne Woelke, the young and blonde reason for the separation: “We are just good friends.” And in general: “Cheating is not possible !” But he definitely doesn’t want his irises back after being away for eight months. What Sat.1 doesn’t really care about: Only when the container door closes behind Iris Klein after almost four hours of broadcasting does presenter Jochen Schropp announce: “Big Brother has begun.”

Close-up of Peter Klein’s face as Iris enters: He just nods and says quietly to himself: “Yes. Yes.” And then stands up specifically not to greet his wife. “I’m calm, I’m an adult,” he finally tells those surrounding him. Was this really the big showdown? “Big Brother” doesn’t like this, he immediately sends the little ones to the BB supermarket in pairs to spend the money they’ve earned on food. She scans Prosecco and nut nougat cream, he buys pasta. And more noodles. No arguments, no stress. Will Sat.1’s calculations possibly not work out at all? Let the divorce games begin.

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