James Harden: TV presenter hammers NBA star in devastating tirade

James Harden and Daryl Morey were linked in the NBA for more than a decade. Their relationship began in 2012 when Morey was the general manager of the Houston Rockets and brought in Harden, who was then a young and promising player with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Under Morey’s leadership, Harden quickly developed into one of the best players in the NBA. The two had a close relationship and were instrumental in making the Rockets a successful team in the league.

NBA: James Harden and Daryl Morey were close

Together, Harden (on the field) and Morey (off the field) led the Rockets to the playoffs in eight consecutive seasons, including the Western Conference Finals in 2018. Harden also won three scoring titles and was named all-time six times. Selected NBA First Team and was named MVP during his time in Houston.

However, Harden and Morey’s relationship began to deteriorate in recent years. The Rockets were unable to win a championship, and Harden reportedly became frustrated with the team’s direction. In January 2021, Harden was sent to the Brooklyn Nets.

Harden called Morey a liar

Harden’s firing was a sign that the relationship between Harden and Morey was beyond repair. The two had different ideas about the future of their careers, and they could no longer work together.

In August 2022, Morey was released as a President of Basketball Operations hired by the Philadelphia 76ers. And what happens? The 76ers acquired Harden in February 2023, bringing the two back together.

However, the reunification did not go smoothly. Harden has struggled to play at the level he once did in Houston. And the 76ers didn’t have strong performances in the playoffs and fell to Boston.

Harden: New start with the Los Angeles Clippers

Then the bang: In October 2023, Harden publicly criticized Morey, saying he felt betrayed by the Rockets’ general manager, calling the esteemed GM a liar and declaring he no longer wanted to play under him.

The relationship between the two is completely broken and, according to Harden, can no longer be saved. Last week, Harden revealed that he never wanted to speak to his former boyfriend again.

TV man violently criticizes James Harden

Harden was eventually traded to the Los Angles Clippers. Before the Clippers’ game against the Dallas Mavericks last night, Mavericks TV host Brian Dameris zeroed in on new Clippers prospect Harden, blasting the former MVP in a two-minute monologue. Dameris made it clear why Harden is neither the beard nor the system, but the problem. Here is the wording:

“I kneel down every night and pray that someone believes in me the way (former Rockets GM and current Sixers GM) Daryl Morey believed in you.

They wanted a certain coach, (the Houston Rockets) they brought in Mike D’Antoni. You wanted to play a certain style, they played it for you. You wanted Dwight Howard, they got him and got rid of him when you had enough of him.

You wanted Chris Paul, they got him and got rid of him when you had enough of him. They brought in your old friend Russell Westbrook.

Wanted to go to Las Vegas on your days off? Even then they looked away. You wanted the team to travel on your schedule so you could go out in the evening, they changed the schedule – and it didn’t work.

And you know what, you said… I see the spotlight in New York. I want to go there. My old buddy Kevin Durant. It will work out, the big three, you, Kevin and Kyrie. And that after just a year of wanting to get out.

Then you realized: I want to go back to Daryl Morey. So they traded Ben Simmons for you – how did they do that?

And you know what? You went to Philadelphia and got a partner (Joel Embiid) who won the MVP. He won the MVP, and what did you say afterward? You said, “They didn’t let me take charge.” You are the point guard! You always had the reins in your hand!

And what did you do when you had the reins in your hand? You scored 9 points in Game 7 against Boston and blew a 3-2 series lead. So Philadelphia fired the coach, that wasn’t good enough.

You broke up with Morey, who believed in you again, you said “the LA spotlight! That’s where I want to go! Let’s see if it works.”

Listen, James, have you ever had those friends who had bad roommates? You’ve complained over and over again about your bad roommates: “That guy is terrible,” “the bad roommate here,” but you never thought to realize that YOU are the bad roommate! You are the problem!

Hey James, YOU are the PROBLEM! If that doesn’t work this year, in this system, with this team, then you’ll point the finger at everyone else and then you’ll go back and start playing for another team, but there won’t be anyone left.

Because James, you are not “the Beard”, you are not the system, you are the problem”.

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