Jennifer Lopez enjoys her trip to Italy so exuberantly

Many celebrities have a strong fondness for Italy and obviously Jennifer Lopez is one of them. Not only did she use her time there to relax on the beach and eat spaghetti, but she also performed at a Capri nightclub and performed some of her hits.

Jennifer Lopez (54) is currently enjoying “la dolce vita” in Italy. This included an impromptu appearance at the popular nightclub “Taverna Anema e Core” on Capri.

Jennifer Lopez in Italy: Beach, Spaghetti and a Night in the Spotlight

As reported by People, the singer first enjoyed dinner at Aurora restaurant before showing up at the nightclub around 11:30pm on Saturday night (August 12). There she is said to have spontaneously grabbed the microphone and smashed some of her hits for the enthusiastic audience. She also played the tambourine. Lopez, who wore a sequined silver dress, reportedly partied until about 1:30 a.m.

The American combines vacation and advertising in Italy. On her Instagram account, she posted many snaps of the sun, beach and spaghetti, but always kept her drinks brand “Delola” in the picture. In a video clip, the 54-year-old gave her 250 million followers an insight into her dolce vita: while Dean Martin’s “Mambo Italiano” is playing in the background of the video, Lopez showed her in a restaurant in Nerano, a fishing village on the Amalfi Coast View on the sea. Documenting her lunch with friends, she said to the camera, “These are spaghetti ravioli.” Right after that, she’s seen enjoying a forkful of spaghetti.

Lopez also posted pictures from a boat tour. She was also spotted shopping on Capri. So far there has been no trace of husband Ben Affleck, who celebrates his 51st birthday on August 15th.

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