Joe Biden’s sister encourages Duchess Meghan to run for office

Valerie Biden Owens conducted a poll asking which women would be elected. Duchess Meghan was at the forefront.

Duchess Meghan (41) should go to the White House! At least that’s what Joe Biden’s (80) sister Valerie Biden Owens (77) thinks. Last year, she encouraged Prince Harry’s wife (38): “We cordially invite Meghan to join the Democratic Party.” There have been rumors for a long time that Meghan would like to get into politics – for example like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served as governor of California. So far, that doesn’t seem to be more than a rumor – right? As “The Express” reports, the former actress and Royal dropout would have no bad chances.

Duchess Meghan is well received by the Democrats

Valerie is said to have recently conducted a poll of Democrats asking which women would vote for them. The result: Meghan is level with current Vice President Kamala Harris (58) and even ahead of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (75).

Joe Biden did not take Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry on the plane

Well if that’s not good news for Meghan. Journalist and biographer Tom Bower also sees the 41-year-old in politics in the future. “The prospect of Meghan running for President is possible, and I would even say likely. I really think that’s where she sees herself,” he explained back in 2022. What do you think Joe Biden thinks of the whole thing? Not long ago, the President, as is well known, gave Meghan and Harry a rebuff when the couple after the Queen’s funeral († 96) in the government plane “Air Force One” alongside the US President and his wife Jill (72). America wanted to fly back.

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