Just Like Twitter, Meta-Owned Instagram Likely to Introduce Paid ‘Blue Tick’ Service

Reports claim that Meta-owned social media platform Instagram may introduce a blue tick service similar to the one on Twitter introduced a couple of months ago, but in exchange for payment.

Currently, blue ticks on Instagram are only given to high-profile individuals and organizations that have been recognized and verified by the platform. These accounts have a proven track record of sharing reliable information.

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The announcement of Instagram offering blue ticks for payment comes as Twitter is preparing to roll out its service to other countries, including Pakistan.

According to the technology website TechCrunch, developers have reportedly seen the blue tick service being offered on Instagram for a fee, but it is not currently available for use on the platform.

It has been reported that after the introduction of a paid blue tick service on Instagram, its parent company, Meta, is planning to extend the service to other platforms, particularly Facebook.

It is estimated that the implementation of a paid blue tick service on Instagram will take approximately 6 months to roll out.

It is pertinent to mention here that Twitter offered a paid blue tick service to users. The blue tick, also known as verification, is a coveted feature on the platform that confirms the identity of a user and signifies that the account is of public interest.

The move to offer the blue tick for payment has generated a lot of buzz in the social media community, with many users expressing their opinions on the matter.

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