Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg no longer wants to return to politics

In an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine” he said: “I’m happy to be criticized with reason. I regularly give good reasons for this.” And he added: “The difference from before is that it no longer bothers me when I have to accept hurtful criticism.” So at some point he realized: “I don’t have to look at myself with the eyes of myself See opponents. Sometimes I approach them.” And his motto is: “My well-being no longer depends on the applause or goodwill of others.” Today he is a completely calm, cheerful person: “Attacks no longer hurt me. Not constantly worrying about the past and future can be trained like a muscle.”

Guttenberg relies on self-irony. Here he refers to an experience at a panel discussion a few days ago. A professor there said that she had written her doctoral thesis about failure. He replied to Guttenberg: “And I failed at my doctoral thesis.” In any case, his life’s need to “adorn myself with someone else’s feathers can be considered covered.” Guttenberg deals openly with his own failure: “I don’t hold back about my own failure. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I also needed the force.” He is sure: “If I had come off too gently, I might have sought the path back into politics. I made peace with my failure at the time.”

Guttenberg definitely rules out returning to politics

Former CSU top politician Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg definitely ruled out a return to politics in an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine. When asked, he said, “Why should I? My time is over.” Regarding the recurring wishes that he should return to politics, he said: “ I know, I can say 17 times that my goodbye is final, and some people just don’t want to believe it. I wonder how often I have to emphasize this.” And Guttenberg revealed in this context: “When I was still Defense Minister, I already planned to leave politics in 2013. Now I had to leave in 2011.” Background: Guttenberg had to give up his position as Defense Minister in 2011.

Guttenberg on the AfD’s soaring: “How many wake-up calls should the centrist parties get?”

In an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine, Guttenberg called on the established parties to deal courageously with the AfD. “We must not allow ourselves to be paralyzed and overwhelmed even after the AfD’s recent electoral successes,” he said. And Guttenberg warned: “How many wake-up calls should the centrist parties get before they act and counteract the AfD? The worst thing would be if we allowed ourselves to be paralyzed. Because that’s exactly what this party is counting on.” Guttenberg called on the established parties to counter the AfD more decisively and professionally in the field of social media: “What this party has really understood is how to use social media, including for its right-wing extremist purposes. This sometimes happens in a perfidious form.” Guttenberg added: “I am very surprised that the centrist parties have not heard this gong yet. They would have to use social media more creatively and intensively in order to reach the broader population.”

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