Kate & William change the power structure in their household

The Prince and Princess of Wales are looking for a new CEO for their royal household. This will be the first time ever that they will report directly to you.

Princess Kate (41) and Prince William (41) have been the Prince Couple of Wales for almost a year and have been given many new tasks. Little by little, the two of them are building their “new” life as the future Queen and King of Great Britain – and are breaking new ground in the process. Kate and William are currently breaking with a long-standing tradition in their royal household.

Princess Kate and Prince William are modernizing their royal household

As Daily Mail reports, the couple is looking for a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He is supposed to manage Kate and William’s royal household, which includes around 60 employees. This in itself is not particularly new to the British Royal Family. However, the CEO normally reports directly to the royals’ private secretaries. But it is exactly this point that Kate and William want to change. Your CEO should report directly and exclusively to both of you.

This means: Kate and William want to actively control what happens from within and around them. They want to be the ones making decisions – no longer the private secretaries. “This is a revolutionary step,” a private source is said to have told royal expert Richard Eden. And further: “You are overthrowing the traditional, hierarchical structure in which staff report to private secretaries. That really gets the cat out of the bag.”

Princess Kate and Prince William are breaking with old royal tradition

What probably King Charles III. (74) and Queen Camilla (76) say about this modernization of Kate and William? “Will the king and queen have to follow their example?” asks the anonymous source. The Prince and Princess of Wales are said to have already commissioned the human resources consulting firm Odgers Berndtson to search for a CEO. Whoever gets the position has a lot of responsibility. “The CEO is the most senior and accountable leader in the House, reporting directly to Their Royal Highnesses The Princess and Prince of Wales. He will be responsible for developing and implementing the TRH’s long-term strategy and further strengthening a professional and cooperative household culture,” the source explains, according to the Daily Mail.

And that wasn’t all! The CEO will also work closely with the household of King Charles and Queen Camilla. He will “act as a strategic interface with Buckingham Palace to align the priorities of their Royal Highnesses with those in support of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen”. Definitely an exciting position that Kate and William have available.

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