Kim gets to take a look: North Korea’s dictator takes a look at Russian jets

The political connection between Russia and North Korea is deepening, as shown by a recent visit by Kim Jong Un to Russia. After arriving in Russia on his armored train earlier this week, Kim met with President Vladimir Putin and toured various weapons and technology sites. According to the AP, it is believed that these visits may be related to discussions about arms transfer agreements. This suspicion is further confirmed by a video published by Russian state media: It shows Kim visiting an aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and inspecting the cockpit of Russia’s most modern fighter aircraft, the Su-57.

Kim with insight into the Russian arms industry

Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, who accompanied Kim on the visit, spoke positively about the possibility of future cooperation in aircraft manufacturing and other industries. AP also reports that Putin gave Kim insight into Russia’s Pacific Fleet and other facilities. This was Kim’s first foreign visit since 2019, when he met Putin in Vladivostok to seek support against US sanctions.

Putin urgently needs ammunition for the war in Ukraine

Experts believe that behind this new meeting lies an urgent need for Russia to obtain North Korean conventional weapons to supplement the stocks depleted during the ongoing war in Ukraine. In return, Kim could seek Russian help in modernizing his air force and navy.

The most recent meeting between Putin and Kim took place at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia’s main launch center. This could be related to North Korea’s ambitions to launch a spy satellite to monitor US and South Korean activities. Putin confirmed North Korea’s interest in missile technology and stressed that Kim is trying to “create space.”

China reacts to the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un

The Chinese government has now commented on this meeting. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said bilateral relations between China and North Korea remain friendly in nature. She emphasized that both countries strive for deeper cooperation and seek “new and greater progress.” Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to Russia only concerns relations between North Korea and Russia, RBC Ukraine reported.

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