Kimmich soon to leave Bavaria? Insider: “I wouldn’t rule it out”

What’s next for Joshua Kimmich at FC Bayern? The national player is no longer undisputed. A former Bayern manager is now speaking out. He no longer rules out an early departure for the midfield star.

Joshua Kimmich is currently going through perhaps his most difficult phase at FC Bayern. The 28-year-old is currently receiving a lot of criticism that he is not the ideal six and that the record champions might even be better without him.

For Munich’s former squad planner and technical director, Michael Reschke, this discussion is incomprehensible and has now supported Kimmich. At the same time, Reschke does not want to rule out an early farewell to the German international from the Isar.

In 2015, Michael Reschke and Pep Guardiola brought the young Kimmich from RB Leipzig to FC Bayern. What followed was a great success story to this day. In recent years in particular, the national player has developed into an undisputed regular player and has since been the linchpin of the Munich game and a leading player at Bayern.

Bayern better without Kimmich? Reschke: “Crazy discussion”

However, Kimmich has received a lot of criticism since this season; it is always about the lack of playful qualities for the six-man position. This discussion was even publicly fueled by Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel, who also denied Kimmich these skills and called for reinforcements in the midfield.

Apart from this debate, the 28-year-old is not in top form, so criticism of his game has recently increased. After the impressive 4-0 away win at Borussia Dortmund, in which Kimmich was missing due to a red card, voices have now become loud that the Munich team might even be better without Kimmich.

For Reschke, now director of the player advisory agency CAA Stellar, this discussion about Kimmich is incomprehensible. In an interview with Sport1, the 66-year-old stood protectively behind the 28-year-old and made it clear: “This is a crazy discussion. If you look at the last 20 to 30 years of the Bundesliga, there will have been few players during this period who have delivered such consistently strong performances as Joshua Kimmich. Nobody who seriously deals with professional football can deny the quality and consistency of such a player.”

Reschke doesn’t want to deny that Kimmich isn’t in top form at the moment. The record champions’ former squad planner also attributes the reasons for this low form to last year: “I think that the disappointing performance with the German national team at the World Cup is still gnawing at him. Things didn’t always go smoothly at FC Bayern this year either. It just weighs on him.”

Reschke believes Kimmich’s early departure is possible

However, Michael Reschke is firmly convinced that Kimmich will fight his way out of his current slump in form. However, the 66-year-old “would not rule out” that this will necessarily happen at FC Bayern. Reschke believes an early departure before 2025 is possible: “At some point you might just reach the point where you decide to do something different, where a new cabin and a new environment can be good for you and help you move forward. “

At the same time, FC Bayern also has to think about whether it might be time for a change in midfield.

It remains exciting to see what role public criticism plays in Joshua Kimmich’s future planning. As with his last contract extension, the 28-year-old will once again represent himself in the negotiations. Nevertheless, a Kimmich extension beyond 2025 is unlikely to be a sure-fire success for everyone involved on Säbener Straße.

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