King Charles III is said to be jealous of William and Kate

The British King is said to be reluctant to share the attention with William and Kate. Therefore they are said to have made a deal.

Since Queen Elizabeth II (†96) died last year, it has been King Charles III. (74), who now sits on the throne. As head of the royal family, he is the star within the royal family and among the British – or not?

Finally, there is now a new direct heir to the throne: Prince William (41) – and he is only available in a double pack with his wife Princess Kate (41). The Prince and Princess of Wales have been climbing the popularity ladder in Great Britain for more than ten years. No matter where the two appear, the cheers are great. And that’s exactly a problem for Charles, as Royals expert Clive Irving of “The Daily Beast” reports.

King Charles is said to be reluctant to share the spotlight with William and Kate

“You get the feeling that William understands the mood and the reality on the ground much better than Charles ever will,” Irving explains, according to Express. The king himself also knew this and therefore made a decision. “They have sort of an agreement about how much of the spotlight everyone is given, because Charles is always very jealous of others stealing the spotlight from him,” he continued.

Irving doesn’t know exactly how the split looks, but he suspects that Kate and William were given around 40 percent of the “spotlight” and Charles himself claimed 60 percent.

In the end, only Charles, William and Kate themselves know whether such an agreement really exists. But the king should actually be happy about the popularity of the Prince and Princess of Wales – after all, the two of them, alongside him and his wife Queen Camilla (75), are THE figurehead the British monarchy.

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