King Charles is now offering student jobs – and ‘quality accommodation’

This job offer doesn’t come around every day either: British students now have the opportunity to work for the king. Yes, you heard me right. Charles III (74) offers a range of student jobs for the summer and autumn months at Sandringham, according to British media reports.

King Charles is looking for harvest hands for his farm at Sandringham

But British students don’t help with cleaning the royal apartments, no, it’s more about Charles’ heart issue: the environment. Because the king wants to create jobs for young people who want to learn more about organic farming. In other words, “Sandringham Farm is seeking Harvest Hands for the 2023 Harvest,” reads the job posting on the royal estate’s website.

Working for King Charles: That has to be done

Sandringham Farm covers 2,400 hectares of land and grows wheat, barley, oats and beans, among other crops. And what to do? “The task includes the use of modern equipment in an interesting and unique environment.” Doesn’t sound very meaningful at first. However, it goes on to say that duties include operating tractors, maintaining and operating grain stores, growing crops, working with livestock and maintaining the north Norfolk estate. “Candidates with a strong interest in organic farming or the willingness to learn new techniques would feel comfortable in this role.” And those who are still interested in the job will be particularly happy about two pieces of information.

British monarch offers 39-hour week

Not only does the job take place in an “interesting and unique environment”, no, it should also have two advantages: the salary is “extremely competitive” and you are accommodated in “high-quality accommodation”. Exactly where these are is not stated. The working time should be 39 hours per week, overtime can also be worked.

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