King Charles on horseback: This is how his “Trooping the Color” parade went

“Trooping the Colour”: Birthday parade for the first time for King Charles.

With sunshine and a light breeze, the British monarch can be celebrated for the first time with the traditional “Trooping the Colour” birthday parade. It also catches up on what had fallen into the water at his coronation in May due to rain.

For the first time since his accession to the throne, Britain’s King Charles III. (74) was honored with the “Trooping the Color” birthday parade on Saturday. The procession of 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 members of military bands through central London began just after 11 a.m. CEST (10 a.m. local time). Tens of thousands had gathered along the route to take a look at the spectacle and the royals attending.

King Charles, Prince William, Princess Anne & Prince Edward participated on horseback

The king and other members of the royal family left the palace on horseback or in a carriage and joined the procession. Charles rode in a red uniform and a bearskin hat in front of his son and heir to the throne Prince William (40), his sister Princess Anne (72) and his youngest brother Prince Edward (59).

Queen Camilla (75), also in a red uniform, followed in a carriage, as did Princess Kate (41) in a green outfit and Kate and William’s three children: Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) .

The route leads from Buckingham Palace along the straight boulevard “The Mall” and from there to the parade ground at Horse Guards Parade, where the king inspects his troops. The event is characterized by the foot soldiers of the Household Division – the royal bodyguard – with their red parade uniforms and bearskin hats. The trail then follows the same route back to the palace.

Trooping the Color highlight: Royal Air Force overflight

Trooping the Color always concludes and culminates with Royal Air Force military planes and helicopters flying over Buckingham Palace while the Royal Family waves to the crowd from the balcony. This year, the air show was supposed to be even bigger than usual, because it was drastically reduced due to bad weather at King Charles’ coronation on May 6th.

“Trooping the Colour”: Tradition dates back to 1760

“Trooping the Color” always takes place in June, regardless of the actual birthday of the monarch (Charles on November 14; Queen Elizabeth II on April 21), because that’s when the weather is usually at its best in England. Despite the clouds, it was dry in London on Saturday and not quite as hot as in the previous days, when the thermometer showed almost 30 degrees. The tradition goes back to 1760.

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