King Charles: Strict culinary requirements for state visit to France

During King Charles’ state visit to France, there are strict rules governing the menu, including what can and cannot be served. A special dish is prepared in honor of the queen.

After the originally planned state visit of King Charles III. (74) and Queen Camilla (76) were canceled in March due to protests against pension reform in France, the royal couple is now making a new attempt. During their stay with President Emmanuel Macron (45) and his wife Brigitte Macron (70), King Charles and Queen Camilla can expect a tight program. The highlight of the visit will be a state banquet at the Palace of Versailles, for which the palace has already given clear instructions in advance about what will be on the table and what will not, as the “Daily Mail“ reported.

King Charles forgoes foie gras during his state visit to France

Among other things, there should be no asparagus, which was still on the menu in March, as it was said, because its procurement would be harmful to the environment, after all, it is not in season. The French specialty foie gras should also be avoided – animal lover Charles had already banned goose foie gras, which is produced under degrading conditions, from his properties. There are supposed to be large quantities of mushrooms because, according to a French government source, they “remind Charles and Camilla of the late Queen Elizabeth II.”

Mushroom gratin in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Three French gourmet greats are responsible for the menu: Anne-Sophie Pic (54), who is the only female chef in France to be awarded three Michelin stars, as well as three-star chef Yannick Alléno (54) and star pastry chef Pierre Hermé (61). All three are known for using foie gras in their cooking, with Pierre Hermé even using foie gras in his chocolate macaroons.

But the source went on to explain: “The king has banned foie gras in his residences in Britain, so there was no possibility he would eat it in France.” Foie gras is controversial because the dish is made by force-feeding ducks or geese until their liver swells unnaturally.

The source also said about the king’s preferences: “He doesn’t want asparagus that is out of season because shipping is harmful to the environment, but there will be a mushroom gratin, which was already a favorite for Queen Elizabeth.” It said : “We know that Charles was mushroom hunting in Scotland shortly before his mother died.”

Royal state banquet at the Palace of Versailles: This is on the menu

The menu in Versailles will look like this:

– Starter: Blue lobster and pot crab with a veil of fresh almonds and peppermint (Created by Anne-Sophie Pic)

– Main course: Bresse chicken with corn and porcini mushroom gratin (Cooked by Yannick Alléno)

– Cheese: 30 month old Comté, Stichelton English Blue

– Dessert: Persian Macaroon from Isfahan (a Pierre Hermés signature dessert inspired by the ancient city in Iran, with rose water, raspberries and lychees)

The entire state dinner is served in the legendary Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Around 150 guests are invited, including the British actresses Charlotte Rampling (77) and Kristin Scott Thomas (63), who live in Paris, as well as the French film diva Catherine Deneuve (79).

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