King Willem-Alexander: Amalia has “no zest for life” because of the mafia threat

There are alarming words from the king: Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (56) speaks in an interview with radio presenter Edwin Evers about the mafia threat to his daughter, Crown Princess Amalia (19). The life of the heir to the throne has been more or less at a standstill since September after it became clear that a criminal Dutch organization was planning to kidnap her in order to extort a large sum of money for ransom. Amalia is doing some appointments again – but the concern is written all over the young woman’s face. In a podcast format on the occasion of his 10th anniversary of the throne entitled “Through the King’s Eyes”, the regent now spoke about the depressing situation.

King Willem-Alexander on daughter Amalia: “There is no joie de vivre”

Things get serious and sad in the last episode of the podcast celebrating the tenth anniversary of the throne of the Netherlands. It’s not just the war in Ukraine that makes the king thoughtful – the fate of his daughter in particular is bothering him. “It hits us hard when you see that your own children simply can’t do anything anymore. The uncertainty, the lack of freedom, that’s not the way you want to bring up your children and what you want to pass on to them,” he admits. According to the Regent, Amalia speaks frequently to her parents about the issue – since September, Amalia has been living in the palace again after being forced to leave their shared apartment due to threats to their security. Unfortunately, good discussions and a confidential atmosphere alone cannot solve the conflict. “There is no joie de vivre,” says the father of the 19-year-old. His great hope: “That all this is only temporary”. Because the tragedy surrounding Amalia is also eating away at his nerves.

Crown Princess Amalia’s parents “it hurts” to see their child like this

In an interview with radio presenter Edwin Evers, Willem-Alexander spoke openly about his feelings – and admits: “As parents, it hurts when you see that Amalia can’t do anything anymore”. The son of ex-Queen Beatrix (85) sees the fact that his eldest has two confidants of a similar age who support her unconditionally as a consolation: her sisters Alexia (17) and Ariane (15). “They are incredibly nice to each other and support each other a lot,” says the king happily. Amalia’s mother Queen Máxima (51) has already commented on the threat to her daughter from the mafia and confessed that it was absolutely “not nice to see your child like that”. Precisely because of the acute security threat, the native Argentinian was also “very proud” of how her offspring was handling the situation. So one thing is definitely clear: Even if Amalia is going through difficult times, she can count on her family unconditionally.

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