Kiyosaki: Biden is doing what people are afraid of

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has intensified his criticism of US President Joe Biden’s leadership. On the social media platform X, he expressed his concerns about issues ranging from war to inflation. He quoted Jordan Peterson, who highlighted the dangers of weak leadership. This is what the US portal reports “Benzinga“.

Dystopian view of Biden’s term in office

Kiyosaki says what many feared with President Trump is being realized. He paints a picture in which the world is at war, inflation is particularly affecting the poor and the middle class and the economy is in decline. He also believes that Biden is a “puppet of the liberal left of the WOKE” and even described him as the “worst president in the history of the USA”.

Kiyosaki’s continued criticism

Benzinga emphasizes that this is not Kiyosaki’s first criticism of Biden. He previously described Biden’s social media strategy before the 2024 presidential election as “tic-toc politics.” Biden’s mortgage plan, which disadvantages people with good credit ratings, also did not meet with his approval. It should also be noted that Kiyosaki is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump. After Trump’s indictment over election subversion in Georgia, Kiyosaki emphasized how Trump’s controversies outshone other candidates.

Possible repeat of the 2020 election

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2024 presidential election, Benzinga points out that there could be a repeat of the 2020 campaign. A recent Morning Consult poll shows Biden at 43%, narrowly ahead of Trump at 41%, while 11% are for another candidate and 5% are unsure.

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