Kosovo alarmed: Drone images reveal Serbian paramilitary exercises

Serbian paramilitaries who attacked Kosovo police officers a week ago are said to have previously trained on Serbian territory. Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti announced this in the short message service Platform X (formerly Twitter). He also posted drone footage there to show these exercises. “The attacks (on Kosovo police officers) occurred with the full support and planning of the Serbian state,” Kurti wrote.

Serbian military exercises also on politicians’ property

The Serbian aggressors took the drone footage themselves and Kosovo’s police seized them along with weapons, explained Interior Minister Xhelal Svecla, according to the Kosovo newspaper “Koha Ditore”. The exercises took place at the Serbian military base Kopaonik near the border and in Pasuljanske Livade, one of the largest military training areas in Serbia. In addition, exercises took place on a property that belongs to the Kosovo Serb politician and businessman Milan Radoicic, who claimed responsibility for the attack on the Kosovar police officers.

Deadly confrontation shakes northern Kosovo

The new tensions between Serbia and Kosovo were triggered by the attack a week ago by a 30-strong, heavily armed Serbian commando group on Kosovar police officers in the town of Banjska near Mitrovica in northern Kosovo. Three Serbian attackers and a Kosovar police officer were killed.

Kosovo on the brink of war – Serbia’s troop movements alarm the West

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