“Legion Freedom of Russia” plans further operations in the border area

Maximillian Andronnikov is spokesman for the Russian volunteer battalion “Legion Freedom of Russia” and calls himself “Caesar”. The group is planning further actions in the Russian border area in the coming weeks, as he clarified in an interview with the British Sunday newspaper “The Observer”.

“There’s going to be another surprise in the coming month or so,” he said. “This will be our third mission.” After that there will be a fourth and a fifth. “We have ambitious plans. We want to liberate our entire territory,” the spokesman continued. The “Legion of Freedom of Russia” consists of Russian nationalists who are currently fighting on the side of Ukraine.

He also reported to the web channel “Nexta TV” about the build-up of the Legion. There are a few hundred soldiers who have their own equipment. “We have a unit that can carry out its tasks autonomously and support our brothers at the front.” The group would continue to increase in quality and quantity. “So it’s only a matter of time before we are strong enough for our final march.”

“Legion Freedom of Russia” already involved in attacks on border region

Already in May and June, fighters of the “Legion” together with the “Russian Volunteer Corps” took part in attacks in the Russian border region of Belgorod near Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian secret service, such operations are intended, among other things, to “liberate the area from the so-called Putin regime”. The government in Kiev stressed that it had nothing to do with the attacks. Moscow immediately declared the Legion a terrorist organization.

Andronnikov sees Russian President Vladimir Putin as weakened after the halted uprising by the Wagner group led by mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin at the end of June. According to the Observer, he expects Putin’s government to collapse by the end of 2024. There is dissatisfaction in the Russian army because many soldiers who have joined the military for financial reasons have not been paid: “There is a huge money problem. “

The Legion of Freedom of Russia wants to fight for the future of Ukraine and Russia

According to Andronnikov, the aim of the uprising was to capture Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Supreme Commander Valery Gerasimov. However, the Russian secret service FSB found out about the plans, so Prigozhin had to improvise. He doesn’t respect the Wagner boss because he shares his values ​​with President Vladimir Putin.

Regarding the rumors that members of the “Russian Volunteer Corps” – a collection of Russian neo-Nazis – have also joined the group, Andronnikov said only that the movement has members from both the left and the right. It is all about fighting for the future of Russia and Ukraine.

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