Leon de Winter criticizes the “perverse egg dance” of many media outlets in the Israel war

The recent brutal attack on Israel from Gaza has shocked many, especially those who harbored illusions about peace in the region. This is what the Dutch author Leon de Winter, son of Orthodox Jews, writes in a guest article for “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (NZZ).

Hamas, with the support of Iran, has been calling for the destruction of Israel since its founding. The writer sharply criticizes the fact that while Palestinian terrorists killed innocent people on Saturday, the Western media tried to provide balanced coverage of the bloodbath.

This “balance” is demonstrated by avoiding terms such as “terrorist” and “murderer” and replacing them with milder terms such as “militants” or “gunmen”. He sees it as a “perverse egg dance of false balance”.

Leon de Winter: “These terrorists are going into a bloodlust”

De Winter describes the unimaginable atrocities, including the rape, torture and murder of Jews. He draws parallels between the actions of Hamas terrorists and the atrocities of the Nazis during the Holocaust. Unlike the Nazis, who tried to hide their crimes, the Palestinian terrorists publicly celebrate their brutal acts.

“And around the world they are admired by people with the same psychopathic disposition,” writes de Winter. “These terrorists go into a bloodlust, literally tearing their victims to shreds.”

Hamas has turned Gaza into a terrorist stronghold, said de Winter

In his guest article for the “NZZ”, de Winter remembers two Israeli soldiers who got lost in Ramallah in the West Bank in October 2000: “They were seized and beaten, kicked and stabbed. One of the Palestinians involved triumphantly showed his bloody hands to the crowd waiting outside the house where the massacre took place. He was applauded. One of the dead Israelis was thrown outside, his body torn apart, burned, his head trampled to a pulp. The bodies were dragged through the streets amid cheers. What happened in Gaza on Saturday was the mass repetition of this archaic tribal ritual on every Jew the terrorists got their hands on.”

De Winter is convinced that many media outlets have failed to point out the bestiality and some crucial facts. This includes the fact that the Gaza Strip has been an independent city-state without a Jewish presence since 2005 and that the decision to make Gaza a terrorist stronghold was a decision by Hamas and not Israel.

“The stronger one wins”

Another fact that many media outlets miss, according to de Winter, is the deep hostility that Hamas has toward Jews. He points out that Hamas seeks the destruction not only of Israel, but of all Jews worldwide.

Finally, the Dutch author warns against Iran’s apocalyptic ambitions and reiterates that the conflict in the region is not just about land, but also about religious and cultural differences. He criticizes media that portrays Hamas terrorists and Israelis as equals and emphasizes that Hamas cannot make peace because war is its essence.

There is only one solution for de Winter: “The strongest wins.”

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