Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be “crazy” about his new girlfriend Vittoria

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have fallen in love – as so often – with a young supermodel. This time it could be more serious, because the model, who supports climate protection, is apparently driving him crazy.

The otherwise volatile Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have committed himself to a model in love. Vittoria Ceretti fits exactly into the “Catch me if you can” actor’s prey pattern. According to an insider, the Hollywood star is said to be “obsessed” with his alleged new girlfriend.

DiCaprio and Ceretti share a common interest in climate protection

Loud “dailymail.co.ukThings are supposed to be more serious between the Italian model and Leonardo DiCaprio this time, according to an insider: “Leo is crazy about Vittoria and he finds every aspect of her fascinating. He likes where this is going and he only sees her at the moment.” Seems like he’s really taken with the climate activist. Another insider even says that DiCaprio is “obsessed” with beauty. But can Vittoria really change the dating pro? Internal sources claim that Leonardo is excited about Vittoria’s commitment to the climate crisis: “It gives them so much to talk about,” the insider explains, and: “She was an environmentalist before she met Leo, so it’s not like she has met him and suddenly the earth would be important to her.”

Will Vittoria Ceretti break the age curse?

The 48-year-old Hollywood star is known for only dating women 25 or younger. However, his new lover turns 26 in June – could that be the end of their romance? Another insider claims the opposite: DiCaprio is said to be fed up with his reputation and would now like to change: “He’s looking for something more mature in the relationship department.” Is Vittoria the right one to break the age curse? “She shares all the qualities that Leo looks for in a partner,” says the insider and therefore gives the two of them a good chance.

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