“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: 48-hour drive to Russia

Popular Let’s Dance dancer Ekaterina Leonova has made an impressive journey to visit her homeland in Russia.

Ekaterina Leonova (36) has been an integral part of the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” for almost a decade. With three consecutive “Let’s Dance” trophies, she is one of the most successful professionals on the show. Born in Russia, she moved to Germany in 2008 and studied business administration at various universities. Her parents still live in Russia, which is why the 36-year-old made the long journey home by car.

Ekaterina Leonova: Adventurous journey home – hours of waiting at the border

After a hard night in the car, the talented dancer spoke up on Instagram and reported on a huge traffic jam at the Russian border. Hours of waiting shaped the way home. The likeable young woman explained to her community: “You stand at the border near Brest for around 16-18 hours. You need 100 km more via Lithuania, but it only takes 2 hours in total.” To enter the country, she even had to take out new car insurance, one for Russia and one for Belarus.

Exhausted but happy: After a 48-hour drive, Ekaterina Leonova finally reaches her hometown

After a full 48 hours of driving, without a real break, she finally reached her hometown of Volograd. She seems very happy to have finally arrived with her family after the hardships. When asked how she accesses Facebook and Instagram in Russia, the 36-year-old explained that she used a VPN app to access her social media accounts while she was abroad. However, she warned of the security risks associated with downloading such an app.

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