Like a meteorite: Putin praises new invulnerable Avangard missile

Russia is reportedly preparing to launch a destructive Avangard missile with hypersonic speeds of 20,000 miles per hour. Again “Daily ExpressRussian President Vladimir Putin said that no existing defense system could stop the weapon. Putin has previously described the nuclear-capable weapon as a “meteorite.” It could be launched outside the Earth’s atmosphere and hit any target anywhere in the world within 30 minutes.

Russia demonstrates missile power in Orenburg

The Russian Defense Ministry recently released footage of the missile in an underground silo in the Orenburg region. According to Daily Express, the ministry quoted: “An ICBM is loaded into a silo launcher using a hydraulic mechanism of a special transport loading unit. The most complex technological operations take several hours.”

Putin praises Avangard missile’s invulnerability

Putin has previously claimed that the Avangard missile is “invulnerable to interception methods of any existing and future expected missile defense system of the potential adversary.” The missile is expected to increase the “combat capabilities of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.”

In 2018, the Russian president said that during the development of the missile, it was approaching a target “like a meteorite, like a combustible ball, like a fireball.” However, Ukrainian military intelligence has published reports indicating that Russia is conducting several tests with nuclear-capable missiles carried out, which were unsuccessful. Experts say these failed tests could indicate serious problems with Russia’s nuclear weapons delivery capabilities. Despite Ukraine’s claims, Russia has said the launches were successful.

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