London doubts Putin’s rockets: Kinschal is still too bad

The British Ministry of Defense critically assesses the performance of the Russian Kinschal hypersonic missiles. According to their information such as “ZDF today” reported that these missiles were less efficient in use against Ukraine than originally assumed. Although the Defense Ministry recognizes that on paper the missile has impressive capabilities, such as evading modern air defense systems, Russia’s actual deployment is still suboptimal.

Permanent patrols over the Black Sea

According to ZDF today, Vladimir Putin recently announced that he would have MiG-31 fighter jets permanently patrolling the Black Sea. These jets are said to be equipped with the Kinschal missiles in question. According to British analyses, this announcement corresponds to the usual Russian rhetoric. The West is often portrayed as a threat, while Russia positions itself as a defender.

Strategic threats

ZDF today further emphasized that Putin’s mention of the Kinschal missile was probably strategic in nature. The aim of this strategy is to demonstrate that Russia is able, even in a state of war, not only to develop advanced weapons, but also to use them effectively.

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