Loud laughter in the courtroom – Trump’s ex-lawyer admits to lying

Michael Cohen, once Trump’s lawyer, confesses to deceiving the judge, while lead attorney Chris Kise creates a memorable moment in the courtroom.

Donald Trump’s main lawyer Chris Kise caused a dramatic moment in the courtroom. The witness Michael Cohen, once Trump’s lawyer, was questioned by the prosecution during the trial. It was discussed that Cohen had supported Trump in artificially inflating his fortune. When Alina Habba, a lawyer for Trump, asked Cohen about previous tax fraud allegations, she tried to draw him into a contradiction.

Objection and laughter

Regarding the tax fraud allegations, Cohen admitted that he had lied to the judge in a previous trial. This revelation left a reporter in attendance visibly surprised. After another question, Trump’s lawyer, Kise, abruptly jumped up from his seat and shouted that Cohen was “out of control.” “Raw Story” reports that this exclamation led to general laughter in the courtroom. Although judge Arthur Engoron criticized Cohen’s behavior, the trial continued without interruption.

Cohen and Trump: A “damned reunion”

The trial ended for the day, with Cohen’s testimony scheduled to continue the following Wednesday. Cohen, who hadn’t met Trump in person in five years, described the courtroom reunion as a “fucking reunion,” according to Raw Story.

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