Lung disease burdens family life of Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Crown Princess Mette-Marit has been suffering from an incurable lung disease for several years. In the past she had to cancel appointments because her health did not allow it. In the meantime, the disease is also making itself felt in family life.

It has been known since 2018 that Mette-Marit from Norway suffers from pulmonary fibrosis. A chronic condition in which the lungs lose their elasticity and deep breathing becomes increasingly difficult. But the Crown Princess has learned to live with her incurable illness – not least thanks to the support of her husband Crown Prince Haakon and their two children Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus.

As reported by “Dana Press”, Mette-Marit spoke in an interview with the Norwegian lifestyle magazine “D2” about the challenges that the disease poses to her family life.

Mette-Marit from Norway: The illness does not stop at her private life either

Because her state of health is unpredictable, Mette-Marit from Norway has repeatedly had to cancel public appointments in the past. And privately, the disease hits the 49-year-old mercilessly. Long ski trips with her family are becoming increasingly rare due to the illness. “There are days when I have to cancel things because I’m too ill,” says the Norwegian. “Last fall I had to cancel a program when I got there because of side effects. I got pretty sick then.

A circumstance that is “of course very painful” for the mother of three, after all she wants to “make a positive contribution to life”. In the meantime, however, she has learned to “practice acceptance in dealing with her illness”. Being sick is that I have the opportunity to discover how I react to things. What scares me, what makes me tired? I have to recognize that in order to feel better in some way”.

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