Main line cut! Big disruption at ZDF

During construction work in Mainz: main line cut! Big disruption at ZDF.

ZDF is currently suffering from a major disruption. Several public broadcaster journalists wrote this on social media.

Anyone who wanted to watch the usual lunchtime program in the second on Thursday had a look. Because material from ARD is currently being broadcast on ZDfF. But what’s going on at the Mainz station?

As was reported on Twitter by a correspondent from the ZDF capital studio, a main line is said to have been cut during construction work in Mainz, where the Second is based. However, the tweet is no longer accessible. The website was unavailable in the afternoon.

Twitter shows that not every household is affected. Some people were able to watch the usual program “The Kitchen Battle” at 2:15 p.m. Others complained that they were struggling with outages. “Cash for Rares” is now being broadcast again as usual.

The online presence of the Mainz TV station continues to suffer from the outages. The homepage “” cannot be accessed. The media library, where you can stream old and current programs online, is also not accessible.

Hank Peter

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