Man from California leads goose on a leash through traffic

A driver was amazed when he saw a man with a goose on a leash. The man immediately pulled out his smartphone and filmed the spectacle. The curious duo from the greater Los Angeles area is now a minor celebrity.

Keep your eyes open in traffic! Of course, this applies first and foremost to road safety and preventing accidents. But sometimes a completely unspectacular journey by car can also have amazing surprises in store.

Man leads goose on a leash across the zebra crossing

This was the experience of a driver in California who filmed the strange scene and later posted it on his account “theexoticidiot” on Instagram. Under the charming caption “Just a man walking his goose,” we can witness exactly that in the clip.

A man with a hat and long gray hair – he is wearing shorts and a shirt – is leading a goose on a leash. First both pass the pedestrian crossing. In this situation, the caring goose owner raises the leash slightly. He probably does this so that drivers can see his white animal better and be careful. This means the goose doesn’t waddle across the street, but flies on a leash – a memorable sight.

Goose is already known like a colorful dog

Once on the other side of the street, the man lowers his arm again. Now the carefully harnessed bird runs happily in front of him. The Instagramer wrote: “The most fascinating thing was that she flew on the crossing.” By the way, his social media channel has the appropriate subtitle: “Why you should have an animal” …

On July 31, “theexoticidiot” posted the clip. He then quickly received a comment from Milton Salazar aka “miltontheguy”: He explained that these two were very well known in Orange Old Town – which is in the greater Los Angeles area – and were out together every day.

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