Many hits, but the British warn: the Black Sea Fleet remains ready to fight

Despite heavy attacks, including a direct hit on the headquarters, British sources confirm the continued operational readiness of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. The focus is on capacity restrictions, the possible death of an admiral and Moscow’s accusations against London.

Major damage, but fleet still operational

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet remains operational despite intense attacks in recent weeks, according to Britain’s assessment. After attacks by Ukraine, including on the headquarters in Sevastopol in Crimea, the British Ministry of Defense commented on the short message service X: “These attacks were more damaging and better coordinated than previous ones in the war.” whose opinions have not lost their functionality.

Capacity restrictions and commander’s death

The ministry added: “The fleet almost certainly remains capable of carrying out its core wartime tasks – cruise missile attacks and local security patrols.” Still, the British believe the fleet is now limited, particularly in maintaining patrols, the blockade of Ukrainian ports, the protection of own facilities in the port and routine maintenance. According to Ukrainian sources, an attack on the naval headquarters also killed the admiral, although this was not confirmed by Britain in their post on X. Russia has not officially confirmed the commander’s death.

British reporting and allegations from Moscow

The British Ministry of Defense has been providing daily updates on military developments since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. It has come under criticism from Moscow, which accuses London of disinformation campaigns.

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