Marion actress: Karen Allen is disappointed with “Indiana Jones 5”

“Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny” has not lacked critics so far. They are now joined by Karen Allen, who played the role of Marion in the first two Indiana Jones movies and the current one.

Hollywood legend Harrison is in the adventure film “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny” (theatrical release: June 29). ford a fifth and probably last time in his role as a cult archaeologist on the big screen. Unfortunately, the sequel gets a good deal on its fedora hat: The reviews are mediocre, the fans are not enthusiastic and the box office has also been disappointing. “Indiana Jones 5” has so far been in danger of becoming a flop.

Now a star of the film has also expressed his displeasure with the sequel: Karen Allen has already played the role of Marion Ravenwood, Indy’s great love, in the first and fourth parts of the “Indiana Jones” series. In “Wheel of Destiny” she is also there. However, her performance didn’t go to her satisfaction, as she did opposite The Hollywood Reporters betrayed.

Warning, SPOILERS here!

Karen Allen frustrated with Indiana Jones 5

Karen first told Allen that her character should have had a bigger role in the first draft of Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny: “When Steven (Spielberg) was going to direct, I didn’t get a chance to read any of those scripts , although I know Marion was much more involved in the story by this point. (…) So I knew that James (Mangold) had hired new writers and that there was going to be a whole new approach with a new director and new writers, but I was really venturing into the unknown.”

To Allen’s disappointment, however, her role in the new script adaptation of Indiana Jones 5 wasn’t huge: “The next thing I knew, I was reading a script that told the story of (‘Wheel of Destiny’). , and of course I was disappointed. I had believed that I would be an integral part of the film, but that just wasn’t the direction they decided to go in. (…) I think they had some issues with the story to work out since Shia LaBeouf wasn’t coming back and they decided to make up this story that Mutt had been killed in the war and that it drove a wedge between Marion and Indy . I mean, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I read it.”

But Karen Allen was happy with at least one decision from the Indiana Jones 5 script: “I was really glad they got back together in the end.” A bittersweet happy ending, then.

By Martin Arnold

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