Masha painted anti-war picture: Russian separated from daughter wants the death penalty

“I ask that the judgment be implemented as quickly as possible, because my heart bleeds every day,” said the single father, according to the independent Internet portal Mediazona, in his closing words after his appeal was rejected. Moskalyov was sentenced to prison in March for allegedly “discrediting the Russian army”. According to his own statements, he has not had any contact with his daughter since then. However, Russia has suspended the death penalty. The last time a convict was executed there was in 1996.

Daughter showed anti-war picture in sixth grade – teacher called police

The case began after Moskalyov’s teenage daughter showed an anti-war picture at school. Shortly after Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began, sixth grader Masha was assigned to draw a picture in support of Russian soldiers at school. Instead, however, the child painted Ukrainian war victims – and is said to have written the words “No to war” and “Glory to Ukraine” on the picture. The principal then called the police.

Judgment came after just one session

A day later, her father was taken to the police station for the first time, where he was fined for “discrediting” the Russian army. This was officially justified at the time with comments that Moskalyov had written on social networks. The apartment was searched in winter and criminal investigations were initiated. In March 2023, the verdict was reached after just one session.

appeal was dismissed

After the court rejected the defense’s appeal on Monday, judge Andrei Sikachev tightened the sentence by forbidding the prisoner from using the Internet while in detention.

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